A new wellness drink is pushing for the market. Kollago harmonises aesthetics with well-being and impresses with its versatility. Large beverage manufacturers have recognized the trend and participate in the billion dollar business. “Beauty drinks are the new energy,” says marketing director Nadine Meyer.

A drink with character

The aim of the new drink is the combination of refreshing elements with the aspect of beauty care. After an intensive market research in Sanpuros, the name Kollago, named after the skin protein collagen, was born. Subsequently, the focus was on taste and recipe, which define the essential character of the product. In addition, the developers attached great importance to a packaging design that meets the leitmotifs of the drink, but also conveys compactness. On the way to the finished product extensive tastings were carried out. So the product was tailored to the customer and helped to create well-being. Here, the focus was primarily on the indicators of joy, beauty care and love of life.

In line with the subject of collagos, the producers rely on harmonious flavors. The design is also based on it. The first recipe consists of a cucumber-lime-basil mixture, a second edition with herbal-sweet pomegranate is already in the planning.

The drink is offered
• in a 250 milliliter can
• and a 200-milliliter returnable bottle.

Initially, it is available in selected restaurants and in the spa hotel industry.

Beauty drinks – a market with high perspectives

Just as other soft drinks have undergone development, Kollago also wants to establish itself in the market. Sanpuro sees in Beauty a new form of energy drinks, which is why you want to draw a strong brand through the communicated emotions.

The market for beauty drinks is a new terrain, but has great potential. The volume of the niche market is estimated at $ 4.4 billion by 2024. Responsible for these auspicious perspectives are the various distribution channels, especially the e-commerce sector. Europe had the largest share of beauty drinks in 2015, which is also related to existing purchasing power.

But other emerging markets in Asia, where youth and beauty are dominant aspirations, also have lucrative future markets. The main target group will be the younger generation aged 16-35 years.

The global players are involved

Another market participant is the USA. With aging society, consumers attach great importance to high nutrient uptake and product quality. Beauty needs can cover this need with their exotic ingredients. For example, fruits with a high antioxidant content are used. Other valuable ingredients are coenzymes, carotenoids, tea polyphenols, acai extracts and EGCG. In particular, the latter should have the ability to prevent serious diseases. Private labels such as Vitabiotics also introduced skin and hair beauty drinks that used hydrolyzed marine collagen, inositol, blackberry seed oil and amino acids.

The segment of beauty drinks was not hidden from the global players. The drink “Beautific Oenobiol”, for example, is a cooperation of Coca-Cola and Sanofi. Due to product expansions and increasing consumption of Nutricosmectics, global players in the beauty drink market are focusing on new product launches as a key strategy. Gelita AG has launched a new product called ‘verisol’ based on bioactive collagen peptides to stimulate skin metabolism. New launches, market expansion and partnerships are the preferred strategic approaches of most beauty drink companies.

Collagen – the protein for young skin

The elasticity and smoothness of the skin decreases after the age of 25 years. Essential for tendons, ligaments, bones and parts of the skin, collagen is a protein that is otherwise only added to consumers’ bodies via capsules or creams. “The beauty drink is an innovative idea not only to ensure fluid, but also collagen for the preservation of the skin and thus the beauty,” explains Nadine Meyer. Thus, on the one hand, the quest for beauty and youth will be remedied and, on the other hand, this will result in the target group for the product, according to the marketing director.

So far it has been known that collagen has a positive effect on the appearance of the skin and contributes to a reduction in wrinkles. Meyer: “The collagen contains nutrients that support the body from the inside in a natural regeneration of collagen structures. Athletes can also look forward to benefiting. “Collagen is a natural protein that can promote muscle growth and function as a protein transporter. “At the moment, many athletes use supplements to get the results. However, dietary supplements hide many unnatural additives, such as sugars, that are not healthy in the long term. ”

Kollago covers the need for skin proteins and provides natural ingredients and minerals. “Especially after exercise, when the body loses fluid, Kollago can both supply water and provide vitamins,” says Meyer. “In addition to the refreshing effect, the Beatuy Drink also serves as an energy supplier. The taste also has a lasting thirst-quenching effect with cucumber-lime-basil. ”

Interview Nadine Meyer, Sanpuro