Thomas Olek, CEO of publity AG, acquired bonds of the 3.5% convertible bond from publity via the stock exchange. For the time being, the investment amounts to a nominal volume of € 100,000. This is not the first investment Oleks he brings with his private assets at publity.

Over the past 12 months, the businessman has already invested more than EUR 115 million in publity shares at market price. Thus, Olek currently holds 82% of the publity shares. This majority relationship met with criticism at the Annual General Meeting (end of October 2019 in Leipzig). However, the private investment Oleks is quite understandable.

At a price of 35 euros, publity AG achieved a market value of 515 million euros. However, the investments of approx. 93% in PREOS Real Estate AG are already worth just under EUR 600 million. In addition, publity AG has its own profitable business with its asset management activities.

Ensuring trust

Private investment increases investor confidence in publity shares. For Thomas Olek, the purchase of the convertible bond is an excellent investment, as the share price is currently well above the strike price of the convertible bond.

However, he should not pursue the strategy of holding 100% of the shares. For this summer, publity AG is to switch to the Prime Standard. For this, at least 25% of the shares must be in free float. For Olek, the move to the Prime Standard is the next step due to growth; accounting has already been converted to international IFRS standards and the transparency level has been greatly increased.

At the moment publity can show a strong development after the stock collapsed in early 2018. The company is well positioned on the German commercial property market and operates successfully as an asset manager as well as a real estate investor for its own portfolio through the subsidiary PREOS Real Estate.