The Friday for Future is currently in full swing, but the builders are not bothered by the Bristol Channel in England. For the completion of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant, the French company EDF has now even procured the largest crane in the world. The 250-meter-tall “Big Carl” raises up to 5,000 tons and has been moving cheerfully on the construction site in Somerset since the middle of the month.

Dispute between UK and Austria

With the decision to build Hinkley Point C, after A and B, in 2015 the English government not only met with opposition from Greenpeace. The then government Faymann from Austria filed a lawsuit that Britain would use EU taxpayers to build an expensive nuclear power plant.

Meanwhile its costs exceed the planning budget, and one never hears favorable voices for the large project. The start of commercial use is now estimated to be 2025.

Does the supercrane tear everything out?

Probably not – the Great Carl was mainly ordered because certain components are heavier than planned and only the blue “monster” knows how to deal with it. But it will not dig out the billion dollar deficit.

It is mainly used at night, because working with it and all the other equipment requires a high level of coordination in Somerset. Six kilometers of rail were laid so that the crane can maneuver back and forth in the radius provided.

Europe’s construction industry is booming

One can see that it is at least the damage of the commissioned service providers is not that in Europe, not everything runs as the climate support would like it. The construction industry in Europe is running through the low-interest phase a run as long ago. Commercial construction projects follow directly.

Incidentally, the fact that every company can plan their machines even better in the future and use them more efficiently can now be found in Klarx. The European startup is an Airbnb for concrete mixers and steam rollers. If you are still missing, find on Klarx what he needs for his buildings. Incidentally, the founders of the platform are supported by Target Global, Circ founder Lukasz Gadowski and the founders of Flixmobility.