Almost all citizens of the city know the railway line from the so-called Wehrhahn in Düsseldorf to the north. There was an assault at Wehrhahn a few years ago, the Wehrhahn line made some other routes obsolete and thanks to it there is the deepest light rail station far and wide at the Heinrich-Heine Allee stop. Now the location could again cause a sensation. A architect’s Office with 70 years of experience has presented a draft for a possible Olympic “village”, the buildings of which would be erected above the weir cock tracks, among other things.

5000 apartments above the Stadtbahn

The densification of some cities is not only paving the way elsewhere, it certainly will not stop in Germany either. Ever closer houses, archways through which the trams whiz and more. But construction is also carried out upwards – better than downwards, some basement residents may say.

For a possible staging of the 2032 Olympic Games in the Rhine-Ruhr region, the architects of “design.lab”, the creative factory of the Düsseldorf Architecture Office RKW Architektur +, are introducing not only greenery, sports parks and culture, but also a residential building above the roofs of Düsseldorf that could offer 5000 units of space. After the athletes moved out, regular tenants could move in there. A clear infrastructural plus for all advocates of more generous housing construction.

Source: design.lab

Are there more ideas?

The guests at the New Year’s reception, at which the idea was presented recently, were interested. Investors, mayors and real estate experts asked questions and listened. Marcel Abel, Germany head of Jones Lang Lasalle, spoke of a sustainable urban development project from which citizens, politics and business could only benefit.

A settlement of the Olympians on the area of ​​a barracks is still under discussion. There, the need to build up high meets with rejection because of the cityscape. Either way, traffic problems would not necessarily be solved.