An investor was found for the Pfungstädter brewery, until the future of the brewery is secured.   

The brewery is to be rebuilt, but it is not possible yet because there are historical buildings. The brewery is to be built on the former swimming pool site, as a residential and urban quarter is planned on the current site. This will benefit not only the Pfungstädter brewery, but also the city itself.

The brewery Pfungstädter was founded in 1831 in Hahn and was then called “Zum Hirsch”. The annual output at that time was only 200 hectolitres. In 1846 the company has moved to Pfungstadt and from this point the brewery was called Pfungstadter.

Investor found

Since the summer, an investor has been sought for the Pfungstädter brewery, because the business figures are declining because the German beer brand is weakening. The annual turnover has dropped from 4 million euros to 20 million euros, but also the output which is currently at 200,000 hectolitres. Uwe Krueck, the investor who has a brewery past among other things, is investing in the brewery with about 100 employees. He convinced the magistrate to present his plans. The magistrate is expected to decide on the cornerstone papers on December 16, 2019. They are very confident that everything will go as planned.

Brewery wants to pay more attention to the environment

The Pfungstädter brewery is to become one of the first CO²-neutral breweries in the world. The new brewery is to be equipped with the latest technology in order to operate it independently, produce electricity and optimise processes. The resulting waste, such as drivers, is to be converted into energy by means of its own combined heat and power plant. With the new brewery, the position in the German as well as in the international beer market is to be increased. But also the assortment is to be extended to mineral water, soft drinks and other new products.

They want to increase the popularity of the brand around Pfungstadt by offering beer in many pubs in the big cities. In addition, a gastronomic experience is to be created directly infront of the new brewery.

The production of beer in cans and disposable bottles is increasing as the foreign market continues to grow. The managing director, Stefan Seibold, says that unfortunately there are no alternatives here. The total turnover of the export business has doubled by 50 percent.

The project is expected to cost a double-digit million amount, the old swimming pool area is expected to cost almost seven million euros. The purchase contract is to be concluded in January 2020. It is planned to open the new brewery on the Hessian orientation day 2023. Yet it is not known whether the construction work will be completed by then.