More and more customers are taking action against plastic in their everyday lives and would like to see a change in political legislation. Especially in supermarket chains such as Aldi Süd, there is an anti-mood towards plastic.

The environmentally friendly development of Aldi Süd

Aldi Süd takes a step forward in the direction of sustainability and restructures its group. This involves the sale of beer and water, which will soon be sold in reusable bottles. About 50 locations are getting ready to offer glass bottles. The assortment ranges from Krombacher to Gerolsteiner mineral water. The choice of glass bottles is partly due to the customers’ wishes. Because fewer and fewer customers are choosing plastic bottles. This has an enormous influence on the sales of supermarket chains, which previously sold beer and water in plastic bottles. Discounter chains like Lidl and Netto are already using glass bottles. Among other things, tonic water and soon Kollago will serve as models for glass bottles. Kollago is a wellness drink mixed with collagen.

Aldi Süd – why did the discounter act so late?

This change of heart of the discounter chain didn’t happen all by itself, because there is an intensive cycle for re-use behind it. According to this, the take-back is an expensive procedure and represents a great challenge for Aldi Süd. Nevertheless, the discounter feels compelled to act, otherwise the politicians will threaten with sanctions.

According to the packaging law there is a reusable rate of 70 %. However, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) reports a returnable bottle quota of just 42.2 %. If the proportion of reusable bottles in the discount chain does not increase, there is a threat of sanctions from politicians. So far, the reusable cycle has undergone a test run in selected stores.