After lengthy negotiations, the move of the Essen police has been contractually agreed. The new police site is located on a former Karstadt site and is expected to serve as a new location by 2048.

According to the NRZ, police chief Frank Richter was also happy about the upcoming move. “The infinite story is finally,” said police chief Frank Richter. He was happy that his colleagues would soon be able to move to a modern area and that the dilapidated old area was a thing of the past.

Unacceptable conditions of the old areas

With the move, a big chapter in the history of the Essen police finally comes to an end. The old district in the police school on Norbertstrasse has been considered dilapidated for more than 20 years. The situation was unsustainable for the officials until the end.

But it’s not just Inspection South that is moving. The special units, the mobile task force and the hundreds are also to be located in the new building. Until the end, these were in ramshackle accommodations such as the Kettwig Teelbruch.

A place of police president’s pleasure

Before the final move, however, the new building on Theodor-Althoff-Straße will be completely renovated and converted according to the wishes of the police. When completed, the building is said to offer over 26,800 square meters of usable space, 890 parking spaces and a new workshop and washing facility. In addition, the new building offers modern meeting and conference rooms. A canteen is also available at the new location.

In addition to the new police location, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has also opened another location to combat clan crime. The special agency is to unite experts from all parts of the police force. The Future Safe House is also being built on the site. This is a network of companies in the field of crime-fighting, which pool their expertise at a common location. These include the internet pioneers of REVOLVERMÄNNER and the security company Consulting Plus.

A worthwhile investment in the future

The annual rent of the new location will cost the police 5.5 million euros. However, the new location will relieve the budget in terms of the savings it brings. This eliminates the costly and, due to the protection of historical monuments, often lengthy repairs of the old location.

Due to the upcoming renovations, the move will probably not be possible until summer 2020. However, Thomas Olek, CEO of Publity AG, who owns the property, expressed his confidence about the schedule: “With the topping-out ceremony for the vehicle repair shop for the Essen police station, we have now reached another section of the renovation measures with which we are doing very well overall Plan lie.”